Jimmy Page Art Direction

Some stories are unforgettable. Some like old friends you visit again and again. Others with few words but still we feel emotions when we turn the page, as their pictures transport us to another realm – one that’s timeless. One that’s unique. So, when we were commissioned to tell one of music’s most spectacular stories, one of musical legend and one of the greatest guitarists of all time – the inimitable Jimmy Page – it had to be exactly that.

It had to capture lightning on the page the way his music strikes soundwaves and ripples across generations. Our artwork needed to complement his timeless composition and reflect his creative talent as a musician and artist alike with a personal touch.

Some albums haunt you long after you’ve played them. SoundTracks is no exception. This deluxe box set, signed by Jimmy, combines his extraordinary compositions for film scores Death Wish II and Lucifer Rising. As a bonus, it also includes previously unheard material from studio sessions released from the archives for the first time. Limited to 109 copies, this prized collection comprises four types of vinyl and four CDs with 36 pages of original, hand-painted and digital artwork – visual storytelling at its best.