Katy Perry Official Website

Since Katy Perry burst onto the airwaves, signing with Capitol Records in 2008 she’s demanded attention. She kissed a girl and elevated her career. Achieving what many artists can only dream, she’s redefined the ‘Pop’ genre mixing disco with electronica to create her unmistakable sound. A global superstar with a loyal and fast-growing fanbase, Katy needed a site that provided fans access to her music, merchandise and images with insight into her tours and fast-paced lifestyle.

Commissioned by Capitol Records, The Creative Corporation team were given a blank canvas to celebrate all things Katy Perry and capture her musical and personal creativity in an online ‘gallery’.

We created a site that offered Katy and her management full flexibility of content. From changing page structure and sliders to a colour-changing palette. What’s more, fans also benefit from the flexibility. Visitors can filter music by release and stream to multiple players – adding to their Spotify or Amazon Music playlists from Katy’s back catalogue – the first site in its kind to offer this facility.