Lauv Game & Campaign

Inspired by the success of Flappy Bird, record company AWAL commissioned The Creative Corporation to create an online game to increase fan engagement for American singer-songwriter and record producer Lauv.

Using an avatar of Lauv’s dog Billy, we created ‘Billy Meets World’ a HTML-based, multi-device game aimed at mobile device and desktop users to channel traffic across Spotify, social and merchandise platforms. Players logged in using Spotify or Facebook to play the first level launched on 10 July 2019. The second level was then launched in conjunction with Lauv’s release of ‘Drugs and the internet’ his lead single from debut album ‘How I’m Feeling’.

With over 100k users, Twitter went wild. Fans competitively compared scores and aimed to collect ‘rewards’ unlocked on completion of each level. These ranged from exclusive phone wallpaper downloads to acoustic video streaming and merchandise discounts. Lauv doubled his followers on day 1 of the launch with people playing on average 27 times per session and level 2 attracting 10k players alone. Free to fans, highly addictive and fun – this is just one example of The Creative Corporation’s album launch techniques.

See if you have what it takes to help Billy reach his final destination here.