Motown Records Website & Strategy

Synonymous with the sound of sixties soul, Motown Records defined R&B as we know it today. In a Detroit Studio in 1960, Motown Records began recording a distinctive musical style – gospel-influenced vocals mixed with bass. Sounds that would become anthems. Voices that became legends. So, to say it was an honour to be selected to work alongside the Capitol Records Team in L.A. to help reposition the Motown label for the next generation would be an understatement.

For a site revamp of one of the most loved record labels of all time, it was vital we built on heritage. We wanted to capture the legacy of classic Motown while adding a modern twist to complement the label’s contemporary artists.

Our challenge was to ensure users were constantly engaged through fast page loading, artist fade-ins, animated banners, news articles and imbedded players to broadcast new releases. Each individual artist’s profile links to playlists, videos, tour dates and releases with an integrated Shopify cart – showcasing new talent and archiving history’s musical stars. The website was awarded a notable mention by the AWW Awards.