Nine Inch Nails Official Website

As fans of Nine Inch Nails for many years, this project was extremely special for all the team at The Creative Corporation. Pioneers of industrial metal, alternative and electronic rock, Trent Reznor’s brainchild band has transformed the music scene for decades, sold over 20 million records and been nominated for 13 Grammy Awards.

Working directly with Trent Reznor and art director John Crawford, our role was to create a super-optimised WordPress site. One that showcased the band’s musical talent, huge back catalogue of live footage and that created synergy with their latest album cover.

Traffic was a big consideration. Our challenge was to merge an existing Spotify eCommerce store with a new platform to allow the latest live streaming technology on demand. The site launched in December 2016 with 50k hits which, within a day, spiked to 90k.