In Utero 20th Anniversary campaign

In close succession of the success of the Nevermind Campaign, we were commissioned by Universal, as Nirvana’s Digital Agency, to create a campaign to promote the release of the 20th anniversary edition of the classic album In Utero. Our challenge, which we relished, was to engage the 23 million fans loyal to Nirvana’s Facebook page alone.

As album cover designers we gave fans the gift of our craft in an application using the latest HTML5 canvas technology. Every fan was invited to design their own In Utero poster using elements of the original artwork and a suite of editing tools for them to set their creativity free. When complete they could download their designs, share on Facebook, display in the site gallery and have the chance of winning a Kurt Cobain Fender guitar.

Over 1 million fans worldwide embraced and engaged with the site. In fact, the campaign was so successful it ran for five years – taking the album to its 25th anniversary.