A cerebral celebration

During peak Brit Pop frenzy, Placebo burst onto the music scene and refused to fit in. Founded by Brian Molko and Stefan Osdal, here was a band who appealed to the misfits, the unconventional, the square pegs in round holes. All turning into loyal fans who embraced them overnight. Placebo epitomised alternative rock in sound and style, unintentionally paving the way for the EMO genre.

Without You I’m Nothing was more than a second album. It led to a duet with the band’s hero, David Bowie – at his request. So, it’s 20th anniversary was something the band were proud to celebrate.

Placebo are a band known for inciting nostalgia, so it was apt that we were commissioned to produce a website telling their own story and reaching out to fans to share theirs.  Using #wyin20 to connect the site to the stories, fans contributed to over 26,000 shares within 7 days across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A truly interactive anniversary campaign that elevated fans’ content onto the mainstage, reinforcing the band’s message to them ‘Without you, I’m nothing’.