O2 wanted to drive a stronger association between their sponsored venues and their master brand. Particularly amongst 18-25s. To do this we were challenged to create a suite of digital products and services that enhanced the fans live music experience. To do this we worked in collaboration with Frukt, one of the world’s leading music intelligence agencies.

Relive The Night. A digital memento of your night was born. An interactive experience delivered to your inbox the day after attending an event at one of the o2 music venues, across the UK, full of exclusive content and statistics from the event. To achieve this the o2 installed a range of innovative new tech into venues to measure the crowd’s movement, energy levels and noise throughout the gig. This data is then relayed to fans in the form of interactive, engaging and original content.

75K music fans reached to date

Average time on site 5 mins 24 seconds

7/10 music fans said the concept improved their live music experience

A selection of the campaigns that have been activated to date
The Foo Fighters / The 02 10th Birthday / Jamiroquai / Biffy Clyro