Reliving the Night

Remember those nights you never wanted to end? Nights where strangers turned into lifelong friends and moments turned into memories you can quote by date and time? Nights you’ll never forget. 02 know that feeling. They see it in every face after every gig. That’s why ‘Relive the Night’, a digital memento of your favourite night, was born.

O2 challenged us to capture the experience that makes your hairs stand on end. To bottle the atmosphere fuelled by adrenalin and shared in an arena of kindred spirits. They briefed us to create a suite of digital services to extend your experience as a live music fan.

The day after the night before. Your ears are still ringing. You can still taste the dry ice and feel the high of being part of something special. Imagine going into work pumped full of euphoria when an email pops in your inbox. An interactive experience full of photos, videos, unseen band footage, stats and data (including noise levels that you helped raise) from just a few hours ago. A souvenir more valuable than any memorabilia – sharable, sensational and full of soul. Relive the Night has reached 75k music fans to date, has enhanced 7/10 music fans’ live music experiences and captured The Foo Fighters, Jamiroquai, Biffy Clyro and the O2’s 10th birthday celebrations.