Soundgarden Official Website

Considered one of the world’s most iconic rock bands, Soundgarden need no introduction. They popularised the sound of the 90s grunge genre, synonymous with Seattle, with contemporary bands Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Commissioned long before the music industry mourned the passing of the great Chris Cornell, The Creative Corporation were briefed to design and build a one-stop-shop for Soundgarden fans. Working directly with the band we dissected their back catalogue and sourced archives to showcase the depth of their work.

The finished site provides a forum for fans to publish their memories shared on Twitter and Instagram and link them to each individual album release. For the first time all album artwork can be found in one online collection, with albums and soundtracks available chronologically to buy and download. Fans can explore the band’s story from conception to the present day through previously unseen footage and photography that captures each iconic moment in their history.