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It was an honour to be commissioned to design a website to celebrate the 25-year history of Oasis. Working with band members and archivists to capture those iconic memories we had access all areas, including scouring storage lock-ups for inspirational memorabilia. We stepped into a time capsule of parka jackets, guitars and Man City strips to create a site that evolved as a digital biography that welcomed fans to share memories and relive moments of a band’s career whose music defined decades.

What began with two Gallagher brothers in the 1990s spanned 25 years and changed the British music scene forever. Pop was parked as Britpop was born, and sibling rivalry was redefined. Oasis were more than a band. They were a movement with music that took over the world and an ambition to be bigger than The Beatles easily achieved with songwriting genius.

Oasis Official Website Design - The Story
Oasis Official Website Design - Knebworth
Oasis Official Website Design - Standing on the shoulders of Giants

An accumulation of 12 months’ work, we delivered a site with a legacy that would commemorate the band, capture their personalities, achievements and their remarkable story. One that can only be defined as supersonic.

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