Spotify Mixtape

Those who remember the days of the mixtape will remember the joy of sifting through their music collection to create the ultimate playlist for their friends or that special someone. Usually followed by pouring hours into customising their cassette box with magazine cut-outs, stickers and virtually anything they could their hands-on, to make it as personal and individual as possible.

The purpose of this Spotify experiment was to explore ways to bring this experience back to life but in a contemporary digital format.

Teenage Dreams Anniversary Mixtape

When Capitol Records saw our experiment they had a perfect campaign in mind to put it to the test – The 10th Anniversary of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream album. And, what a result. Almost a quarter of a million mixtapes were created and shared during the first week alone.

You can see the final result here.

Spotify Mixtape for Katy Perry image

Like to know more?

Our technology was built with flexibility in mind. If you would like us to take you through how it works and how it can be used to drive streaming on Spotify, get in touch.

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